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Mindaugas JanulevičiusMindaugas Janulevičius ★★★★★ It's a great company to work with. I've been working with GTS Transportation since 2021 September and I'm happy about that.They have a Great office in Burr Ridge, where you can meet your dispatcher or safety assistant and have a rest while your truck is being prepared for a new trip. All trucks are brand new here!Now they started "Down Payment Assistance Program", and it's great opportunity to buy or lease new truck and become owner operator with your own vehicle!Best wishes for maintenance team!Jason BuzzardJason Buzzard ★★★★★ GTS is an amazing place to work. I am a lease driver here and make great money. They generously pay our company drivers as well. Little did I know this would quickly become my dream job. The people here are great. You are never a number and are always welcome here as a part of a family. It doesn’t matter who you want to talk to. If you have any issues you can talk to anyone including the Managers and owners and your problems will always be solved. The people in safety are great and always want to work with you not against you. They are here to help. They have the best dispatchers out there. My dispatcher is Dennis. He trains the dispatchers also, so you can’t go wrong here. He is an amazing guy and the best dispatcher I’ve seen in the industry. So if you come here ask for Dennis. If he doesn’t have room on his board, he’ll hook you up with a good dispatcher that he most likely personally trained. Recruiting does NOT lie here like recruiters do in other companies just to get you to come work for them. So if you’re a driver and looking for a great place to settle down and retire one daycall GTS and ask for Daiva. You’ll regret it only if you don’t. Oh yeah and side note. You get all the merchandise you’re willing to where for free!******UPDATE*******So I’ve now made it a year now!!!! It has been great here and I am on my third lease! Yes, through all the turmoil of the fuel costs and the freight fluctuations GTS still has me moving constantly and consistently making great money. Our CEO Thomas will not let us fail. That is not an option here. It is very family oriented and I’m finding that out more and more. Ron is our well what you would know as a terminal manager. He is great and will do anything for you, just ask. You never have to be scared here or feel intimidated to talk to a higher up, or safety, or anyone. They are like your second family and are there for you. So if you come over, ask for Daiva and Arthur for leasing and don’t forget to talk to Dennis in dispatch. You won’t be disappointed!Andrey StarzhinskiyAndrey Starzhinskiy ★★★★★ the best company for a company of drivers and truck owners! Friendly team! excellent dispatch service!! they have their own parking and repair shop!Karl LoveKarl Love ★★★★★ Very impressive indeed, this company. Honest. Professional. Reliable. Trustworthy… a few words I’d use to describe this company. I really appreciate the fact that I’m able to grow here, within my profession. For the inexperienced driver, this company is patient and encouraging. For the seasoned driver, this company provides support, growth potential and they deliver on key factors that one would come to expect in working WITH a company. Emphasis on with, rather that FOR. I feel as though GTS and I work as a team with common interests and a common goal. If you focus on yourself, your output, your contribution and your growth as a professional driver, you’ll be most grateful for the opportunity to work with this company. All other factors of concern will fall into place because the company delivers on the driver’s expectations. I could go into detail on the equipment (superb, well maintained, predominantly new), the dispatch (professional, experts, nonforced), the loads (no wait, competitive pay), after hours assistance, maintenance, etc (all, highly impressive).. I’d be typing all day.I’m blessed to be able to do what I enjoy and enjoy it, to make excellent money and work with a supportive, professional company.Also, if you get to work with Murod (dispatcher), you’re in for a treat; professional, articulate, straight forward, competitive. This guy is truly an expert! It’s because of these attributes, he and I have made some serious $$$ together, lol.It’s to my ultimate benefit that I’ve teamed up with this company. I’m very pleased, well accommodated and more importantly, I’m happy 🙂.Good luck to all who reads this!To any new or potential drivers, Welcome!js_loader

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