Our leadership team started behind the wheel, constantly learning about the industry, firsthand. We now have 70 years of combined transportation experience.
Our team has built a wealth of knowledge that translates into a better experience for our customers and drivers.


In 2004, when the first GTS truck carefully navigated the streets of Chicago to pick up our first load from a rock fabrication company, we knew we had started something unique. Those early relationships set the stage for what was to come. A strong safety culture, a steady focus on our customers, and a dedication to our employees were values that helped GTS Transportation get started. Now, 18 years later, with over 350 tractors and thousands of carrier partners across the lower 48 states and parts of Canada, we are hitting our stride and looking forward to continued growth and success as an industry leader in transportation and logistics.


Our mission is to always provide customers with the highest level of service and attention, maintain and increase efficiency and safety, provide a culture of success, and demonstrate the utmost respect for all cultures and nationalities. We strive to exceed expectations.



Persevere. Follow-through. Stay focused. Have courage. Know that it’s okay to be uncomfortable. Don’t quit.


Being accountable to the small and the big things. We are not afraid to fail, but learn and take appropriate responsibility for our actions.


Supporting others, being helpful and genuinely interested in how others are doing and feeling. Caring.


Strong teams recognize each other’s strengths and fight for each other. Strong team members know that success is bigger than themselves.


Being a positive influence to those around you. Believe in the success of the team and the company.
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damian K.
damian K.
Really great company I hate I had to leave. I have a child coming soon and i needed to be close to home. I definetly woild go back in the future when my child is older probably. Great equipment almost all new trailers i loved that. Just waiting on my escrow now to be returned back. They are a very good company
Tammy E.
Tammy E.
GTS is a company that truly appreciates and respects their drivers. The equipment is newer and very well maintained. They have a great safety bonus that allows drivers to make an extra 12,000 a year, and as I driver I can say it is easily doable. I think to be paid extra money for doing the right thing is a great benefit. The pay per mile is above what most companies pay and you are truly appreciated. I would highly recommend GTS if you are looking for a great company to work for.

Tammy Edwards
Happy Company Driver