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GTS has a team of professionals researching and attending events to learn and integrate the latest technological advancements in the transportation industry. The transportation industry has rapidly evolved to incorporate highly sophisticated technology systems which allow customers to intimately collaborate with their customers. Today, innovation with these technologies has allowed our customers to easily automate processes, not limited to the following areas:​


• Online application technology

• Text messaging

• Applicant tracking system

• FMCSA clearinghouse integration

• Easy employment verification system

• Electronic forms

• Incomplete online applications reminders

• Online driver file management

• Digital document request

• Integrations with MVR providers

• Remote driver onboarding & training assessment programs

• Numerous driver training titles

• Portable and confidential records and document management systems

• Interactive modules with integrated quizzes

Back end Office Administration
We’ve expanded our digital freight management platform to allow our customers to easily manage day to day transportation office work. Search for loads, billing, and integrated rate confirmations through integration with our on-lines services. Our customers are finding more time to focus on what they do best and leaving the transportation services to GTS.
Real Time Available Capacity Search Technologies
Integrated with our GPS and transportation management system our customers have the ability to view our capacity of trucks all throughout North America. See if loads are available in your area by selecting our Available Loads tab.
Track and Trace Technology
Track your loads real time through our over the road 24 hour tracking systems. Our GPS systems track our truck every second of the day.  We use helicopter view systems which can see and guide our trucks through all road conditions. 
On-line and on demand rate quote functionality
Rate quote request are easy and seamless. Similar to on-demand solutions, our technology will immediately channel your request to our dispatch team. Our dedicated team of transportation professionals will follow up with a call to provide the best alternatives for your freight shipment not relying on algorithms to quote your rate request.
Load Board Technology
Instantly access freight load opportunities with our numerous shipper and brokerage load opportunities on our GTS dedicated load board. Quickly book loads through our digital platforms.
Integrated On-Boarding Applications
Get approved in minutes through our integrated DAT solutions. Carriers can easily apply and on-board through a click of a button through our on-line portals and automated back ground verification applications.