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As you research trucking companies in North America, best truck driving companies treat you as family. From the moment you pick up that phone or request information on our on-line web portals, you are connected to a personal network of GTS professionals who will mentor you through the entire best in class GTS on-boarding driver platform. We help explain the life of a truck driver at GTS and the benefits of working with a family owned culture. We provide not only driving lessons, but take the time to navigate you through bills management, communication, and overall truck procedures above and beyond the methodical truck driver herding cultures accustomed in the industry. This professional human interaction process separates GTS from the rest of our competition. We are here to support you every step of the way.

GTS is unique and has developed its industry unique on-boarding driver platform called “ Driver Safety On-Boarding Excellence Program”, which encompasses best practices as an industry leader in safety, security and accountability. We work to support every driver, every mile, every day through special programs, awards, and recognitions.  

GTS offers many unique benefits programs. Whether you manage your own vehicle or become an independent driver with benefits that include, medical, dental, vision, employee assistance programs, we can help take care of you from the beginning of your career well into many more years to come. 

GTS offers the best industry pay on average and our drivers all always driving on the road!  However, if you are searching for opportunities to come home everyday, let GTS cater a solution that works for your lifestyle! Our dispatchers and operations team will collaborate with you to develop the best work, life, balance solution for you.

So, if you're ready to start your career with GTS, call 847-754-4667, and talk to one of our recruiters.