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Expedited and hot shot trucking expedited trucking is the branch of freight hauling that deals with rush orders. From a tiny one-pound bag of produce headed for a testing laboratory to nuclear plant parts, items that must arrive at a specific time, not be reloaded, or require delicate handling all go by expediter.
Nowadays it is more important than ever to business owners and consumers that cargo is shipped safely and on time. When freight is expedited in the correct fashion there is not a lot of wasted time and/or stops between Point A and Point B. The routes that our seasoned drivers take are researched to be the most efficient in getting your cargo to its destination as promptly as possible. The cargo is as important to us as it is to your business, and we like to streamline the shipping process. When cargo is needed at a specific location within a certain timeframe, we make it our business to do just that
GTS Carrier offers expedite services across the 48 contiguous United States. We are capable of providing asset, dedicated broker, and traditional broker options. All specialized trailers and equipment are available including straight truck, cargo van, last mile delivery, etc.